An Irondale man who allegedly tried to bomb the Alabama Attorney General’s Office building in Montgomery is a far-left “anti-fascist” sympathizer who advocates violence against law enforcement and his political enemies, according to court records and social media.

Kyle Benjamin Douglas Calvert, 26, of Irondale, was charged with two felony counts of malicious damage by explosives and one count of possession of an unregistered destructive device.

The device was found on February 24, at 3:42 a.m., outside the AG’s office in Montgomery. Authorities discovered it after someone reported a suspicious package in the area. The device was detonated, and no one was injured.

According to court documents, the device was a coffee container-like vessel that contained insulation material soaked in gasoline or lighter fluid substance, a mortar, firecrackers and nails. 

Jonathan Ross, acting United States Attorney, said in court documents filed this week investigators were able to identify Calvert by stickers he placed on buildings at or near the scene of the attempted bombing that espouses various far-left, terrorist sympathies. 

“The stickers placed on State buildings depicted different graphics, advocating for various political ideologies. Some included the phrase “Support your local antifa.” Antifa, short for AntiFascist, does not describe a particular group, but rather describes individuals who adhere to what they consider as “anti-fascist beliefs.” The term Antifa is often associated with anarchist violent extremists, individuals who, in addition to holding anti-fascist beliefs, are also opposed to capitalism and the current form of the U.S. government and who advocate violence to achieve their goals,” Ross said in a filing this week.

According to court documents, stickers identified as being placed on state buildings which also matched with the stickers held by Calvert in social media videos include: 

• An Antifa logo superimposed over a rainbow flag background, with the words, “ANTIFASCISM IS COMMUNITY SELF-DEFENSE.” 

• A black and white image of a masked individual wearing a baseball hat and holding a flag which read, “ABOLISH PRIVATE PROPERTY.” 

• Two red roses superimposed over the globe with the words, “EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE.”

• A purple-colored sticker with a masked face inside of a female pictogram. The words at the top of the sticker read, “FEMINIST ACTION.” 

• A white sticker with black text of an elderly individual holding an AK-47 rifle and the words, “ARM THE HOMELESS.” 

• A white sticker with black text featured a masked and hooded individual surrounded by flowers which read, “MY BODY. MY CHOICE.” 

• A black and white sticker with the words, “F**K WORK LET’S RIOT!” 

• A black sticker with white digitized font which reads, “NEVER WORK.” 

• A white sticker with black and white font with the words, “ABOLISH ICE.” The letters in the word “ICE” are themed to appear as melting ice cubes.

On his Instagram and TikTok accounts, Calvert lists his pronouns as "they/she/he." He also labels himself as a "pansexual" and links to The Trevor Project, which describes itself as "The largest suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ young people in the U.S."

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On his TikTok account, Calvert chimes in on politics and even laments Republican "assholes" in one wherein he complains about his conservative family members.


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