Pastor John Amanchukwu of Turning Point Faith has spoken to school boards across the country about the epidemic of sexually explicit content infecting library books and school curricula. He caused a stir at a Hoover Board of Education meeting in April, where he called out the board members for failing to act on removing the offending books.

"If you keep this filth in this school system, you're either a punk or a pervert," he said at the meeting.

In a recent episode of "1819 News: The Podcast," Amanchukwu explained why it's essential to be a "protector" of children and for Christians to speak up about political issues to positively impact the culture.

"We are called to go to the mission field," he said. "We should be a cause-driven people because we are a cause-driven church… I don't understand when neutered, punk pastors fail to do their job."

Amanchukwu said that among the reasons mentioned in Revelation for being sent to hell, being a "coward" — or a "punk" — was high on the list.

"We have to talk about the fact that the church has failed to address politics," he said. "And since we have failed to address politics, we have become the politic. We are helping the left push their insanity."

He continued, "The left has made it acceptable to practice racism and allow federal funds, state funds to be applied to it as well and to bring in books and speakers and do lectures on critical race theory and diversity equity and inclusion, pushing racism wholesale on America. And now you have trans zealots and pro-Hamas; they're doing the bidding of the left and wreaking havoc in the street. And this is all acceptable in the name of the Obama-Biden administration, and where is the church? The church is mute; we're silent on it. That's why I'm leading this campaign around the country through my organization,, to fight against the woke regime that's in the land."

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