Patriots First Alabama PAC announced on Saturday that they have endorsed incumbent Jeremy Oden in the Republican primary runoff for Public Service Commission Place One.

“Jeremy fought Obama’s original Green New Deal agenda,” the group said in a statement. “He was a proud supporter of President Trump’s policies of America First energy dominance.  He is currently combatting Joe Biden’s radical America Last energy agenda. As an Alabama Public Service Commissioner, he will always shoot down the far-left’s attempts to put their socialist political whims over the interests of Alabama families, small businesses, and farmers.

“No one will work harder than Jeremy to defend our God-given rights, liberties, and values. He will ensure hardworking Alabamians continue to have affordable, reliable energy for generations to come. Jeremy was an honorary Alabama chair of President Trump’s 2020 bid for reelection. As a PSC commissioner, he was appointed by the Trump administration in 2020 to serve on the National Coal Council.”

“Biden's America-last policies are breaking the banks of Alabamians,” Oden said on social media. “As your public service commissioner, I am fighting on the state level to stop the madness!

“I am proud to be part of the most conservative Public Service Commission in the United States. I will always fight for common-sense energy policies that put Alabama and America first!”

Patriots First Alabama supports Donald Trump’s America First agenda and seeks to elect officeholders as well as Alabama Republican Party leadership which shares their vision for both Alabama and America.

The stated mission statement of Patriots First Alabama is to “Bring like-minded patriots together for the purpose of pursuing change in our state by electing America First candidates. Our mission is to make sure our constitutional rights are upheld in the state of Alabama by working with other like-minded patriots who will faithfully serve on the Alabama Republican Executive Committee, to stand firm and fight for our God-given rights written in our constitution by our founding fathers. Our constitutional rights.”

Angela Shepherd and Ashley Hilburn are the co-chairs of Patriots First Alabama.

Oden is being challenged by Florence Attorney Brent Woodall in the Republican primary runoff on June 21.

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