On Thursday, Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl continued to rail against MSNBC for refusing to air former President Donald Trump's speech on Monday night after he handily won the Iowa Republican caucus.

Pearl, who described MSNBC's handling of Trump's speech as "State run media" earlier this week, called the censorship "dangerous" and "sad" during an interview on Huntsville WVNN's "The Dale Jackson Show."

"I think, again, people are afraid," Pearl told host Dale Jackson. "You know, you don't want to get in a contest with people that buy their ink by the barrel. It doesn't do me any good necessarily to get in a fight with the media, but at the same time, if the media is going to censor and edit and ... begin tell me what I can and can't listen to or hear, that is state-run media."

"Most state-run media is either in Russia or in Korea or in China or in other parts of dictatorships or other states. They don't tell you they're censoring. They just censor," he continued. "Rachel Maddow was trying to explain why it was in my best interest that I wasn't able to hear Trump's lies. ... aren't I in position to be able to decipher when he's exaggerating and when he's not? That should be my ability. I wouldn't want news outlets to not air President Biden if he's at a press conference or answering questions because there's a chance that some of his answers may be political or they may be slanted in a certain way. Let me hear the man's answers, and let me decide whether or not I believe this to be accurate or not. I think it's dangerous, and I think there's no consequence for the media to be able to say what they may or may not knowingly know is false. And that's just so sad."

Pearl went on to say the American people were getting too much "editorialized spin" instead of straight news.

"I grew up at a time where the media reported the news, and if you wanted editorials, you go to the editorial page, but otherwise, you just got the news and then you made your mind up about what it was," he outlined.

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