Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl called on President Joe Biden to tell Hamas to surrender and release hostages, a number of whom are American, on Thursday.

Pearl, a staunch supporter of Israel given his Jewish heritage, also blamed Biden for causing a large number of deaths for not allowing Israel to finish off Hamas in their ongoing war.

"Our President should tell the world, that Hamas needs to surrender NOW and release ALL the hostages, including our 6 Americans, or US will allow Israel to GO INTO RAFAH, DESTROY HAMAS AND RESCUE THEM," the coach wrote on Twitter. "Many have died because our President has stopped Israel from finishing Hamas!"

On Thursday, Pearl warned Biden that showing weakness by putting a hold on a shipment of U.S.-made ammunition going to Israel had "emboldened" the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas to attack Israel.

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"Israel is fighting Hamas in the South, Hezbollah in the North and Iran everywhere. Israel should not have to fight in DC for its survival if President Biden's support is 'unequivocal' Everytime we show weakness with our indecisiveness the terrorists are emboldened!" Pearl stated.

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