Former State Rep. Perry Hooper, Jr. has moved to dismiss his lawsuit against the City of Montgomery, which stemmed from his sex abuse arrest last year.

Hooper was indicted on first-degree sex abuse charges on Nov. 19, 2022, after Elizabeth Daly said he had grabbed her breast and waist while shoving his pelvis against her backside and kissing her neck at a restaurant on August 16 that same year. 

In early December 2022, Daly requested the charges be dropped, which a circuit judge granted days later.

According to Hooper’s complaint, the alleged abuse occurred inside the restaurant after hugging Daly and kissing her on the cheek to thank her, with no drama ensuing until nearly a week later.

The crux of Hooper’s complaint is that the entire debacle “was an obvious political setup by the Plaintiff’s political enemies.” 

The complaint further accuses the arresting officer, MPD Detective Bryan Gozo, of lying before the grand jury at the behest of Albert.

According to Hooper’s attorney, Tommy Gallion, the Montgomery police refused to turn over the records from the criminal investigation. He further says that the interaction between Hooper and Daly “was so far removed from any sexual harassment.”

Gallion told 1819 News in January Hooper was targeted since he was a “big-time Republican and Trump coordinator.”

Hooper apologized after the charges were dismissed, saying he was “wrong” and “my behavior was unacceptable.” Despite this apology, Hooper and his team asserted that Daly’s “alleged complaint” was untrue.

“Hooper is a lifelong resident of Montgomery and does not wish to cause the City any more problems and costs (although Hooper contends that what happened to him was illegal and caused him great financial harm) he no longer wishes to pursue this matter,” the motion to dismiss reads.

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