In a manner befitting some kind of epic movie script, the frustrations of this past year and a half came swirling together to form one solid night of enjoyment for conservatives.

From the 2020 election cycle, the questionable results of that election, and the all-out assault by liberals since then on conservatism, traditional values, Christian principles, fiscal responsibility, and patriotism, it banded together into one sweet night.

Virginia is in fact serving as the bellwether for national politics. After 12 years without a GOP Governor and in a state that Biden won by 10 points last year, conservatives, independents, and Republicans repudiated the liberal overreach in a state where conservatives were called racist for daring to care about their children’s education. (Never mind that the last Democrat Governor posed in blackface.)

The voters in VA spoke … Bam! Home Run!

But it wasn’t just there mind you. New Jersey was supposed to be a shoo-in for the Democrat incumbent … nothing to see here … Dem’s got this … until voters went to the polls and created an outcome that was so close it could not be called until 24 hours later.

New Jersey … Bam! Base hit!

And how about that group of conservatives in Colorado who had had enough of their school board? That group of conservatives banded together and developed a plan. Then they ran against the liberal dismissive incumbents on the school board and ousted a bunch of ‘em!

Colorado parents … Bam! More runners on base!

In Buffalo, New York, upstate voters rejected the socialist endorsed by Bernie Sanders and AOC for Mayor. They even rejected her when she had already won the primary. In that race the former Mayor who was beaten by the socialist in the primary launched a write-in campaign and won without his name even being on the ballot! He ran openly against progressive policies!

Buffalo … Bam! Runners at first and second!

In Minneapolis, known as ground zero for racial unrest and rioting in the wake of the George Floyd incident, progressive Congresswoman Ilhan Omar endorsed a ballot initiative to do away with the police force and institute a “public safety department” with a mix of police, liberal policies, and social workers. So right there on the ballot was a proposal to actually do away with the police force in the town where George Floyd died. And it failed! And it failed largely because a group of black leaders in the community defied the narrative and rallied people to vote against it.

Minneapolis … Bam! Bases loaded!

Then there was New York City … New. York. City! In municipal polls a retired police captain running as a Democrat nonetheless ran against outgoing Mayor DeBlasio’s awful liberal public policies and won the election to become only the second Black mayor in the Big Apple’s history. He ran on the idea of enhancing public safety and returning to safe streets.

New York City … Bam! RBI!

All of that to say it was a good night for conservative policy positions and a bad night if you were a liberal.

But there was another sweet moment that night. It was a moment that to some didn’t seem political but yet it was. More than that, it was poetic.

The Atlanta Braves took the World Series … Bam!

Think about that. It was just a few months ago in the midst of the BLM madness that there was rioting in the streets, to include Atlanta. Stacy Abrams, the failed candidate for Governor of Georgia, whose sole claim to fame is that she was the alleged victim of so-called racism, campaigned to have the Major League Baseball All-Star game moved out of Atlanta. It was shocking and it was politics inflicting itself on our national pastime. It was unnecessary - it was dilatory - it was petulant - and it caused a huge amount of economic distress to Atlanta businesses and citizens who missed out on the opportunity to earn an income working the game and all that it should have brought to the community. In a gaffe of failed leadership, the MLB Baseball Commissioner bought the lies, caved to the pressure, and moved the game to Colorado without good cause all because activists didn’t like legislative action on election laws being tightened.

Stacy Abrams had her day with baseball and went on most recently to travel to Virginia to endorse Democrat Terry McAulliffe in his losing bid for Governor. In the end, it was one losing candidate for governor endorsing another losing candidate for governor. Meanwhile, President Trump traveled to Atlanta and stood in the stands making the Tomahawk Chop with tens of thousands who love their Braves, their Atlanta, their nation.

And on the same night that conservative policies won in politics the Braves won the world series.

Stacy Abrams was left sitting in the dugout wondering why no one wanted to pick her for the team.

Do you see the irony? The poetic irony. Just a few months ago conservatives were attacked at every angle, even to the point that we couldn’t have a baseball game in a Red state. And on the same night that voters sent those progressive, socialist, America-hating liberals a political message, the Braves sent one too.

We will not be silenced. We will not go quietly. We will not sit still. We will exit the dugout bat in hand, dust off, limber up, and hit whatever they can throw.

Hey liberals … batter up! Let’s play ball!

Phil Williams is a former State Senator, retired Army Colonel and combat veteran, and a practicing Attorney. He has served with the leadership of the Alabama Policy Institute and currently hosts Rightside Radio M-F 2-5pm on WVNN. His column appears every Monday in 1819 News. To contact Phil or request him for a speaking engagement go to   The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of 1819 News. To comment, please send an email with your name and contact information to