The 2024 Orange Beach Invasion is this weekend, and police are preparing for over 70,000 visitors.

For the seventh year, the car and truck show has attracted those with souped-up cars and jacked-up trucks to show off their rides. However, police say that “showing off” can sometimes turn dangerous.

All too often, people have left the event doing burnouts, donuts and even racing. Lt. Trent Johnson with Orange Beach Police Department said this year, there is a new law people need to be aware of.

Last year, Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill into law stiffening penalties for those convicted of exhibition driving offenses, including burnouts, donuts, stunts, speed exhibition, racing and other “reckless driving maneuvers.”

Johnson said these things can be arrestable offenses even if on private property without the owner’s consent.

Police will also be on patrol, watching for anyone riding in the bed of a truck. That act is against a municipal ordinance on careless driving.

Johnson said some accessories make it illegal for vehicles to operate on public roadways. He offered a list of specifics:

- Headlight height - no more than 54", no less than 24"

- Tail lamp height - no more than 60", no less than 20"

- Improper lights - red, amber, yellow or white only

- Improper muffler - excessive noise or smoke

- No or improper tag light - white only

- Unapproved light devices - to include undercarriage lights

- Improper horn - unreasonably or unnecessarily loud or harsh

- Overwide truck - above 102"

- Overheight truck - 13.5'

Orange Beach Invasion is from March 22-24 at The Wharf.

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