Count U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) among those who disapprove of the 34-count guilty verdict rendered in a Manhattan court against former President Donald Trump last week.

During an appearance on Birmingham's News Radio 105.5 WERC's "Alabama's Morning News," the sixth congressional district representative argued the fix was in against Trump, adding the verdict was a "really dark day" for the judicial system.

"Well, we're becoming a banana republic, honestly," he said. "I mean, never in my wildest imagination, but I have thought that we would see a day where a former president would be charged with a crime as a form of political assassination. And that's what they're attempting to do. They're attempting to stop Donald Trump by any means necessary. And it should be transparent to everybody. You go back to the DA who tried to take his property to take Trump Towers. Thankfully, the courts stepped in there."

"Alvin Bragg and what he's doing, they ran on this, they campaigned on it, that they were going to take him down. When you mentioned the jury pool, I don't think it was 99%, I think it was 100%, or you wouldn't have been on part of the jury. This was already set in motion, already predetermined, and it is a really dark day for our judiciary system in this country. And I don't think there's hardly a court anywhere else in the country that would have even prosecuted the case, much less brought it to this point."

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