The Ozark Dale County library director said on Wednesday she responded immediately after finding out prescription pills were found in a free book bin in the library.

Karen Speck told 1819 News she did not call the police because there was nothing they could have done.

“The police really couldn’t do anything,” she said. “They went through five hands. The person that found them handed them to their parent, then they handed them to someone at the front desk then they handed them to the administrative assistant then me.”

From there, Speck said she took the pills to CVS Pharmacy, where they were disposed of. Speck said she did not know what kind of pills they were.

She said after viewing video from the library, she does not think the pills were left intentionally.

“The only thing I can think of is they had their medication in their pocket and they slipped out because pockets are short these days,” Speck added. “This has never happened to my knowledge.”

CVS offers year-round drug disposal sites. Unused or expired medications are destroyed.

The Ozark Dale County Library has been involved in a high-profile debate over inappropriate books in the children and teen sections.

The library’s Board of Trustees is considering moving sexually explicit books from the children or young adult sections into the adult area. A new policy could be voted on at the next board meeting on September 20.

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