The story of the prison break and ensuing nationwide manhunt for convicted murderer Casey White has its first cinematic rendition less than a year after the incident.

Casey White, 39, escaped the Lauderdale County Jail with the help of female correctional officer Vicky White in April. The two were not related and had developed a romantic relationship while Casey was in prison.

For 11 days, law enforcement searched around the country for the couple until they finally found them in Vanderburgh County, Indiana. The manhunt ended in a police chase and a vehicle crash, leading to police taking Casey back into custody. Police found Vicky in the car dead with a gunshot wound to her head.

Investigators initially believed Vicky’s wound to be self-inflicted, but Casey was charged with her murder. Casey was also charged in 2020 with the murder of a Rogersville woman, Connie Ridgeway, who was killed in 2015.

Casey is already serving a 75-year prison sentence following a crime spree in 2015. In 2019, a jury found him guilty of first-degree robbery, kidnapping and attempted murder. 

The judge presiding over Casey’s capital murder case postponed the trial last week. As of now, no trial date has been set.

The movie, “Prisoner of Love,” was produced and released by the streaming platform Tubi and directed by Jodi Binstock. It was inspired by the story of the pair and their escape to Indiana.

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