HOOVER — On the eve of the fourth GOP presidential debate slated for the Moody Music Building on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa, Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy made his case for the highest office in the land to Alabama Republicans during a speech at the Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge on Tuesday.

According to an Alabama Republican Party official, more than 300 people attended the ALGOP event to hear Ramaswamy speak.

During his speech, which was more of an ideological presentation than a classic political stump speech, Ramaswamy reiterated his call to decrease the size of government to lessen its burden on society.

That included eliminating elements of the federal bureaucracy, including the FBI.

"What does it mean to be an American?" he asked. "It means 'we the people' create the government that is accountable to us, not the other way around. That means the people who we elect to run the government ought to be the ones who actually run the government, not this managerial bureaucracy in those three-letter agencies that run the show today."

"So, you know what?" Ramaswamy continued. "If I can't be the president for more than eight years, then neither should any of those federal bureaucrats reporting in to me, either. Eight-year term limits for the bureaucracy, shut down government agencies that should not exist from the FBI and the ATF to the CDC to the U.S. Department of Education."

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