The Randolph County Commission passed a resolution Monday recognizing June as Cancer Survivors Month.

With cancer being the second-leading cause of death in Alabama, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the resolution reminds Randolph County residents to support one another during all stages of care and remission.

Residents are encouraged to take part in regular health check-ups because early detection is the number one tool in fighting cancer and surviving,” the resolution stated.

Commissioner Derek Farr said nearly every home in the county has been impacted by cancer.

Farr said 1819 News Editor-at-Large, Erica Thomas, who serves on the board of directors for the Norma Livingston Ovarian Cancer Foundation, presented him with the resolution in the name of her mother, Bonny Huddleston.

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Mitchell Cancer Institute receiving NLOCF check for $20K to aid in their research of ovarian cancer.

“Bonny is a two-time cancer survivor,” he said.

Huddleston and Thomas started the Just A Need (JAN) program, in the name of Huddleston’s mother and Thomas’ grandmother, Janice Bauer. Bauer lost her life to ovarian cancer in 2001 and JAN offers financial, emotional and medical support to cancer patients and their families.

“I appreciate the courage that it takes for these patients to face cancer and there was a time when you heard the word 'cancer,' it was almost a death sentence,” Farr continued. “But that's not the case anymore and the reason for that is these cancer survivors are taking it upon themselves to raise money and give it to research like Ms. Erica and Mrs. Bonny have done. I appreciate what they've done and I'm very thankful that we could recognize this month as Cancer Survivor Month.”

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UAB Division of GYN/ONC receiving NLOCF check for $120K to aid in their research of ovarian cancer.

The Norma Livingston Ovarian Cancer Foundation has raised upwards of $1.8 million for cancer research. Just A Need has raised over $150,000 and operates at UAB, Mitchell Cancer Center, the Hospital Service by Alabama Oncology, East Alabama Medical Center and Tennessee Valley Oncology.

"I look at those numbers all the time and it just makes me really feel so grateful," said Lori Livingston, who started the foundation in the name of her mother. "I'm grateful for all the people who put in the effort and to think that something little that you started out to honor your mother could turn into helping all these individuals, that's the best part."

Norma Livingston also has the Drive Out Ovarian Cancer car tag program in Alabama, where $41.25 of each tag goes directly to fund local research.

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