Readers React

Our readers react to recent stories or current events:

To Amie Beth Shaver’s column “The election is coming; do you remember?” Betty Faulk Peters of Dothan had this to say:

“This is without a doubt the best commentary I have read or heard about the governor’s race,  and I am sharing it with all my friends.  Thank you for publishing it!  I wish all  Alabama voters would read it before voting in the primary next Tuesday.”

After reading Matt Clark’s op-ed on A good judge’s bad call on Alabama’s child protection act, Dennis Steul said this:

“Anything you disagree with is a ‘woke’ situation. Try thinking for yourself for a change. This country is in bad shape due to the far right and far left. In the meantime, our enemies are laughing their (backsides) off as we are too busy fighting with each other and not concentrating our efforts on Chinas, North Korea, and Russia. Our government is totally ineffective ,while those countries posing a threat to this country continue to threaten us. Whether Democrats or Republican are in office, government is locked into ineffectiveness. We have got to learn to work together. Otherwise the future is bleak for the United States of America. Wake up, fool!"

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