The fallout from special counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents continued Friday with U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) requesting the full recordings of interviews with the president to be released.

“The most logical step from the White House should be to release the full recordings of President Biden’s deposition so the American people can listen for themselves,” Palmer said. “If the White House’s pushback against Hur’s narrative is correct, then why are they blocking the release of the recordings and transcript?”

The Department of Justice (DOJ) report stated Biden’s memory was limited, and if tried, a jury would find him to be a “well-meaning elderly man.” Palmer said the report, along with a press conference in which Biden exhibited signs of declining mental health, was not surprising but should not be an excuse to exclude him from justice.

“This characterization isn’t surprising to anyone,” Palmer said in a statement. “Just hours after the DOJ’s report was released, President Biden again confused the names of foreign leaders during his press conference, something he has done numerous times. Most recently, he has taken to saying in public he has spoken with foreign dignitaries, some of whom died nearly two decades ago.”

“The White House has vehemently denied this characterization and has disparaged the intentions of Mr. Hur. President Biden’s personal attorney has said the treatment of his  memory in the report was neither ‘accurate or appropriate.’ This level of response from the White House seeks to change the narrative of the President seen in the report,” Palmer continued.

“If President Biden is as mentally fit as the White House claims, the President should stand trial. He willfully and knowingly violated the law by possessing classified materials as a private citizen,” he added. “All this stands in stark contrast to the DOJ’s political persecution of President Trump.”

Classified documents discovered in the garage of Biden’s Delaware home included information on foreign policy and military actions in Afghanistan. Biden said Thursday evening he was unaware of how his staff handled the documents.

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