Representative Juandalynn Givan has released a statement, further calling for resignations in Brookside.

“The mayor and city attorney of Brookside released statements,” Givan said. “However, those statements didn’t go far enough. I’m asking Mayor Mike Bryan to resign because he previously served as the long-standing Brookside council pro-tempore member before being elected mayor. He also served as interim mayor before the passing of the late Mayor Roger McCondichie. Furthermore, the mayor knew what was happening the two months he’s been in his new position.”

Givan believes that without her calling for the resignation of Bryan, he would not have addressed the litany of reports coming out of Brookside.

According to Givan, the Brookside Police Department has engaged in a practice of over-ticketing, fabricating charges, and engaging in harassment and stalking. The claims come after a series of reports by

“Without me calling on his resignation after the publication of the articles, he would’ve remained silent,” Givan said. “During his time as a council member, Mike Bryan voted for and helped to pass ordinances strengthening the Brookside Police Department, in addition to passing city budgets with revenues increasing over 600%. Then-Council member Bryan was there each time the police department reported their revenues to them during council meetings. Mr. Bryan, as un-involved as he sounds, is as culpable as the others.”

Givan has made further requests in asking for additional investigation and auditing into the prosecutor’s office. She further repeated her previous call, asking him to step down.

“The statement released by Brookside City Attorney Mark Parnell was unfair to the general public,” Givan said. “There are thousands of people owing fines to the City of Brookside. Those cases were prosecuted by Mark Parnell. In addition to asking for City Attorney Mark Parnell’s resignation, I’m also asking for his office to release preliminary data on the number of cases dismissed, prosecuted and those that went to trial in the City of Brookside.”

Among the litany of city employees whose resignations Givan has asked for repeatedly is the Municipal Judge, Jim Wooten, whom she believes has jailed scores of innocent citizens. 

“I’m also asking Judge Jim Wooten to resign,” Givan said. “During his tenure as Brookside judge, there have been hundreds of innocent people either jailed, fined unfairly or not given fair opportunities in court.” 

Givan stated that she would be hosting a Town Hall for the residents of Brookside and the surrounding areas to air their grievances. 

“Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway and I will host an in-person Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, in Fultondale to meet with the general public concerning the City of Brookside. On Wednesday, February 2, 2022, I will host a virtual town hall on Brookside for those not able to make the in-person meeting.”