Infrastructure investments made through the bipartisan infrastructure law have the potential to help create jobs, support local businesses and attract new ones to our state, and strengthen Alabama communities. 

However, without federal permitting reform, many of these projects will be delayed or postponed indefinitely. We need Congress to tackle permitting reform to help advance critical infrastructure projects sooner and more efficiently. 

Unfortunately, our current permitting process has become too complex and time-consuming, particularly for projects requiring reviews and approvals by multiple jurisdictions. Often overlapping, duplicative requirements and other inefficiencies throughout the permitting and review processes can lead to lengthy delays. Not only do these delays prevent the physical construction of new infrastructure projects, they also increase costs, reduce financial viability, and put off investors. 

Without commonsense permitting reform, vital infrastructure projects here in Alabama and throughout the country will continue to face massive delays that waste taxpayer money and prevent us from moving forward on key infrastructure and energy initiatives. Ultimately, the broken federal permitting process threatens to undermine our nation's global competitiveness. 

That is why we need Congress to pass permitting reform this legislative session. Commonsense permitting reform will help increase transparency, reduce the duplication of efforts, and keep energy and infrastructure projects on reasonable, attainable timelines. Moreover, permitting reform will help ensure businesses and industries continue investing in Alabama and growing our economy. 

We need Alabama's congressional delegation to help support and pass bipartisan permitting reform as soon as is reasonably possible. It's time for lawmakers in Congress to come together and help get this issue across the finish line for the good of communities throughout Alabama and across the country. 

State Rep. Joe Lovvorn (R-Auburn) serves as the House Rules Committee chairman in the Alabama Legislature.

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