Ole Miss already has a former Alabama coordinator as their head coach in Lane Kiffin, and it appears they have dipped their hand back into the Crimson Tide coordinator pool to grab defensive coordinator Pete Golding.

According to Chris Low of ESPN, Golding is expected to leave his defensive coordinator position in Tuscaloosa and head down the road to Oxford to be the new defensive coordinator at Ole Miss.

This report comes just two weeks after Pete Golding was asked in his Sugar Bowl press conference if he plans on being at Alabama next year.

Golding replied then, “I'm still under contract, so absolutely."

In that same press conference, Golding was asked what his goal was in the coaching world.

"I really don't get caught up in it," he stated. "I don't have it. Obviously, I try to be the best coach that I can, the best person that I can. I got into coaching to affect young men. You can do that whether you are a position coach, coordinator, or head coach.“

Golding added, “And I'm in no rush I have said this before to be a head coach. I think there's a lot more to that. I love game planning. I love being in the room with our guys. Obviously, I got to do a better job of putting them in a better position, continue to coach them better so they have better product on the field.”

Golding still had one year left of his three-year extension that he signed back in early 2021. Golding took over as Alabama’s defensive coordinator in 2018 and was defensive coordinator for the 2020 national title-winning Crimson Tide.

Many Alabama fans have been calling for this change for some time, and finally, their wish came true. With Golding out, this now leaves a couple more questions on the table for the Alabama football program: Who will be the next defensive coordinator, and when will Bill O’Brien be leaving?

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