Is U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) free of any Republican National Committee constraints to endorse whoever she wants in the 2024 Republican presidential primary?

Depends on who you ask. 

Britt told 1819 News in January that her appointment to the GOP Advisory Council was conditional on her remaining neutral in the 2024 primary election.

Britt is the only remaining Republican member of Alabama's House and Senate delegation to not endorse former President Donald Trump yet

The freshman U.S. Senator told 1819 News shortly before Trump's visit to Montgomery recently she "enjoys a warm relationship with President Trump."

"Senator Britt continues to serve on the RNC's Republican Party Advisory Council," Britt's communications director Sean Ross told 1819 News. "As a condition of joining that Council, she pledged to stay neutral until the Council has finished its work, and she keeps her word."

"Senator Britt enjoys a warm relationship with President Trump and had an opportunity to speak with him by phone this week," he continued. "The Senator greatly appreciated his well wishes and kind words. They discussed the disastrous results of the Biden presidency and the need to restore strength to the White House so that hardworking American families are put first again. While she continues to rest and recover at home, Wesley and her parents are excited to be there in person on Friday to welcome President Trump back to Alabama."

According to a report in the Daily Beast published on Thursday, the RNC supposedly didn't want members of the council Britt serves on to endorse Trump too early, but the organization is also fine with members now endorsing Trump a year out from the convention. 

Breitbart, a conservative news site, also published a story about Britt and why she hasn't endorsed Trump yet.

"The Britt people send us out there to defend this lie, and nobody seems to realize that we're dealing with rabid dogs at Breitbart," a senior RNC source told The Daily Beast. "They don't give a shit. They're not just going to accept her off-the-record explanation, and they start demanding all kinds of statements about us preventing people from endorsing Trump and threatening to kick Trump supporters off this Council."

The source added, "At some point, it's like, we're not about to have Trump sending Truths about us."

One RNC official disputed the unnamed source's claims.

"The anonymous source is flat out wrong. The Chairwoman asked all members of the advisory council to remain neutral when it began," RNC Chief of Staff Mike Reed told The Daily Beast following publication. "This supposed source has concocted a fantasy that never took place, and they clearly don't know what they're talking about."

Ross told Breitbart that Britt will endorse someone in the GOP presidential primary in 2023.

"The President's winning message was received with tremendous enthusiasm by the crowd, just as it is resonating strongly nationwide — which is evidenced by his massive (and still growing) lead," Ross stated. "As a condition of joining the Republican Party Advisory Council, RNC Chairwoman McDaniel asked Council members to stay neutral until the Council finished its work. Senator Britt respects other members of the Council who have made their own decisions on how to proceed at this stage. She made a public commitment — one that she has reiterated to Alabamians as recently as last week — and she takes great personal pride in being someone who keeps her word. She will continue to do so and looks forward to formally announcing her endorsement in the presidential primary and endorsements in open Senate primaries later this year."

According to the outlet, Steve Bannon, a former Breitbart executive and Trump administration official, is defending Britt from conservative criticism over her so far not endorsing Trump.

"Bannon supposedly called all over the place trying to get them to stand down, but it didn't seem to work because the Britt people were still freaking out about Breitbart blowing them up," a source told the Daily Beast. "But, like, what bizarre world are we living in when Steve Bannon and the RNC are joined at the hip to defend a McConnell acolyte?"

Bannon told the Daily Beast, "Katie Britt is politically savvy and a fighter for the America First agenda. I think it's crucial—given her unique perspective, profile, and platform—that her endorsement is rolled out when it will make the biggest impact to defeat Joe Biden."

According to Breitbart, the only person saying there was ever a neutrality requirement to be on the GOP Advisory Council is Britt — and the RNC, which originally tried to back her up on this point but has since backed down, says it was a requirement but is no longer a condition of continued membership.

"When we launched the Republican Party Advisory Council to help us chart the best path forward to win in 2024, we asked members to remain neutral in the Republican presidential primary," Keith Schipper, an RNC spokesman, told Breitbart News on Monday. "Now that we're in the advanced stages of the race, all members of the council are welcome to continue their work regardless of whether they are backing a Republican presidential candidate or not, to help us make Joe Biden a one term president."

Two other advisory council members, Reps. According to Breitbart, Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) and John James (R-MI) have endorsed Trump in the GOP primary.

Multiple sources told Breitbart News Katie Walsh, a political consultant, is telling Britt to hold off on endorsing now — and "further complicating the senator's position by concocting yet another tale about how she needs to make the endorsement some magical sentiment that would win back women voters for Trump."

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