Every member of the UAB football team recently elected to join Athletes.org, one of several companies trying to organize athletes for possible revenue sharing discussions, according to ESPN.

According to the outlet, the decision makes UAB football the first Division I team to publicly join the players association.

UAB football coach Trent Dilfer told ESPN he gathered his team for a voluntary meeting in mid-April to encourage them to prepare for a future when college athletes might be able to negotiate for a larger share of their sport's revenue.

"They're going to have a seat at the table," Dilfer told ESPN. "I wanted to make sure I helped pour gasoline on something that is going to happen no matter what. I might as well use my influence to help it happen faster on behalf of our players."

UAB players told ESPN every member of the team signed up to join Athletes.org after hearing its presentation.

The team has no plans to bargain with UAB at this point, but their decision to join the organization is symbolic of the growing momentum for players to organize, according to the outlet.

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