During this week's broadcast of Alabama Public Television's "Capitol Journal," in what was apparently a gesture to offer an opportunity to respond to Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall's appearance on the same program a week early, Alabama Democratic Party vice chairwoman Tabitha Isner took several jabs at her political adversaries on the other side of the aisle.

During her segment on the state public affairs program, Isner made ad hominem remarks about Republicans, former President Donald Trump and Marshall.

"Any concern across the party that a conviction like this, because it's been such an uproar, might actually help Trump by having some kind of political backlash?" "Capitol Journal" host Todd Stacy asked. "Any thought about that?"

"Well, sure, in the sense that the Republican Party has become a party of victimhood," Isner replied. "Republicans love to cry victim, and that's a fascinating phenomenon to watch. Donald Trump loves to be the center of attention. You mentioned that it seems like there's concern they went after him, the man, instead of the crime. He loves to be gone after. He loves to be the center of attention. He doesn't want people talking about his policies or his actions. He wants people talking about him."

"Trump's a crybaby," she continued. "Nothing that ever happens is his fault. When things don't go his way, he always blames someone else. So that was true — he was complaining that the 2016 election was rigged before it even happened. Only when he won was he willing to say the election wasn't rigged. He complained about the 2020 election before it happened, complained it was rigged, complained that people came after him for January 6, complained when he was impeached, that wasn't his fault. Nothing is "ever Donald Trump's fault. And he has said out loud I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and the Republicans would still back me. And I think he's right about that."

"So I'm concerned about the future of the Republican Party," Isner added. "Now, let me be clear. I'm a Democrat. I would much prefer Democrats to be winning. But I like to live in a two-party system where both parties are functional. And I'm very concerned that the Republican Party has become the party just of Donald J. Trump and his victimhood."

Isner criticized Marshall for his trip to New York City to support the former president in his record-keeping trial.

"Attorney General Steve Marshall went to New York to be there for Donald Trump during the trial, to support him, to stand by him, to get his picture taken with the president," Isner declared. "Meanwhile, back in Alabama, there's child labor being used at auto manufacturing plants here in the state. And Attorney General Steve Marshall is too busy traveling to New York to do anything about it."

"There is a coal mine where a man was killed and his grandson nearly killed when their home exploded above a coal mine in Adger, Alabama. Attorney General Steve Marshall could be looking into that, but he's too busy paying attention to Donald Trump. And the list goes on and on and on of the things that we could be talking about and getting done. Let's solve the problem at the border. Let's solve it. We wanted to via congressional action, but Donald Trump didn't want to solve the problem because he wanted to be able to keep all the cameras on him while he talked about the problem. He enjoys talking about problems. He doesn't enjoy finding solutions."

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