Buck Clemons announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Alabama House District 25 on Monday.

The announcement comes at a crucial time in our state’s history, as inflation rises, and the economy grows more competitive. 

Clemons is a retired Army helicopter pilot, who has worked as a small business owner in the defense industry supported the defense of the United States or as a member of the armed forces his entire adult life. In the military, he flew the world’s most advanced attack helicopter, where he spent 18 years in tactical units, jumped 12 times with the 82d Airborne Division, and spent eight years stationed overseas. As the owner of a service-disabled, veteran-owned, small business, he said he has learned how business succeeds. Over the years Clemons said he has been a single parent, suffered financial hardship, sweated the IRS, and risen to the challenge each time. 

Clemons said that he wants to bring his practical experience to the Alabama State House of Representatives as the technology candidate, to bring in business to north Alabama and the 25th District which includes Cummins Research Park.

He supports eliminating the state income tax so Alabama can compete for talent and business with Tennessee to the north, Florida to the south, and Texas to the west – all of having no state income tax.

Clemons said that he favors road reform. “Study, find and start implementing longer-lasting materials for road and bridge construction," he said. "Reduce state inspection time for construction to 24 hours or less.”

Clemons also said that the state needs to de-politicize the university system.

“Critical Race Theory is derived from Critical Theory,” Clemons said. “Critical Theory is the ideology behind Social Justice, Environmental Justice, and Gender Studies curriculum. It must go [in order] to bring sanity back to the education system.”

He added that the state should, “criminalize being a paid protester. Violent out-of-state protesters need to be stopped.”

The Republican primary will be held on May 24.

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