Richard Scrushy, the former HealthSouth CEO who went to prison for bribery involving former Gov. Don Siegelman, is being accused of hiding millions of dollars that he owes in a civil case.

Scrushy still owes $2.87 billion in damages in the 2009 civil case, according to the Associated Press. Attorneys presented their case Tuesday, saying Scrushy has written $7.3 million in checks in the name of prisoner Eddie Briskett, who is serving time for multiple convictions, including property theft, burglary and assault. Scrushy has known Briskett for 20 years through his prison ministry.

The plaintiffs claim Scrushy is using friends and family to conduct business and has written two checks to himself totaling $3 million.

Judge John England Jr. ordered a preliminary injunction stopping all transfers from that account. He also ordered Scrushy to turn over records related to the bank account in question.

Scrushy denies the allegations. He claims he is unemployed and has no assets other than Social Security. Checks written to him were never deposited in any account Scrushy has disclosed to the court.

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