Tuesday, the two hosts of the "Rick & Bubba Show" reacted to President Joe Biden recently claiming that nothing from his presidency should be considered "extreme."

"The thing that I have trouble trying to figure out is what it is that, other than protecting the Constitution, what is it that these MAGA Republicans think is extreme about what I'm doing," Biden told ProPublica. "[I] haven't... seen any articulation of any of that."

Bill "Bubba" Bussey and Rick Burgess took issue with Biden's claim, outlining just how "ridiculous" it was.

"You want me to run just a short list here?" Bussey asked after playing the clip of Biden's remarks. "Runaway inflation because you're printing money like a Saturday night drunk. You are pushing us to a crazy climate change agenda when the proof is not there that it is going to be dramatic and it is going to end life on the planet as we know, and we know you don't believe in it because you're not parking any of your big cars. You have killed us being energy independent - remember, we were energy independent; we were exporting energy to the rest of the world before he went in. But, he's killed pipelines, he's killed leases, he's killed drilling, all that stuff. It has to be a smooth transition driven by the open market to those type things - not you forcing us to battery cars while telling us that it's better for the planet but not being honest about what you're doing to get the minerals to build that or how you're going to dispose of the batteries in the long term."

He continued, "You put pornography in schools, you have drag queens reading to little kids, you have boys winning girls sports, you think it's fine for boys to be in girls locker rooms, dressings rooms, even at the college level. We've seen how the girls are so uncomfortable with that once they get out and can speak freely about that, how that's happening. I mean, do we need to keep going on that? What about mandating experimental vaccines? I think that's another one we need to talk about. What about the fact you look and act like a bumbling old man? And it's an embarrassment to everybody. How about that? You don't look competent to do your job, sir. That's just the facts. Your people think that, and our people think that. It's not a political thing. You're just an old man. Go home and enjoy your grandkids. And the fact that your son and your brother look like they are running an organized crime ring for the Biden family making millions of dollars and filtering it and hiding it through paintings and other schemes, doing the very thing you're accusing everybody else of doing."

"Now, that's the short list. If you have more time, I can go on longer. But I articulated that," Bussey concluded.

Burgess argued Biden is "creeping everybody out" by taking the Second Amendment away from people.

"I would call that extreme," he added.

Bussey added that "people feel less safe" across the United States because of Biden and his "far-left, woke attorney generals everywhere that won't put people in jail.

Burgess pointed to what he described as a "wide open border with no one being checked."

"We have been invaded by 2 million people just this year," Bussey lamented.

He added, "You're trying to destroy the country so you can stay in charge."

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