With violence, crime and dangerous ideologies spreading across the country, "The Rick & Bubba Show" co-host Rick Burgess is placing much of the blame for society's woes on men not fulfilling their God-given duties.

Burgess made a guest appearance on "The Glen Beck Podcast" Friday to talk about how the lack of male leadership is causing moral decay and what can be done about it.

"This country right now, where ever you go, when you see chaos, you see one thing: men have left their proper place," Burgess said. "And now we're getting into this biological men now want to identify as women, and have you noticed? They're becoming dangerous… You're not going to address this nation's spiritual problem with some kind of worldly solution."

Burgess linked the growing trend of gender confusion to people becoming hyperfocused on themselves instead of helping others.

"Self-worship is the No. 1 largest growing religion we have in our society right now. That's the worship of self," he said.

Tired of modern churches failing to invest in men's ministry, Burgess launched The Man Church in 2020 to help teach and equip men to be godly leaders both in the home and in society.

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