During a wide-ranging conversation with "1819 News The Podcast" host and 1819 Media president Bryan Dawson, Rick Burgess and Bill "Bubba" Bussey, co-hosts of the "Rick & Bubba Show," weighed in on the current political environment in Alabama.

Among the topics were gambling, marijuana and education policy, and how those in power were able to maintain control of the political process.

Dawson noted how the Alabama Education Association (AEA), the public school teachers' union, had 45 lobbyists working to promote its legislative agenda at one time. He compared the AEA numbers to Alabama Power with seven lobbyists, Regions Bank with five lobbyists and the Business Council of Alabama's six.

The tally of lobbyists categorized by organization caused Bussey to ask why the power company needed lobbyists in the first place.

"You know, I've always wondered, too, and we have a lot of good friends at the power company," Bussey said. "Rick's brother used to work there. I've always wondered why they need lobbyists. Where am I going to go to get my juice? I like the lights being on but I don't know why we've got a lobbyist?"

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