Tickets are selling fast for Riley Green's Duckman Jam at Flora-Bama this Friday and Saturday.

The beach concert also includes performances by country singers Tracy Lawrence, Drake White, Ella Langley and Jake Worthington.

Green, who is from Jacksonville, Alabama, is no stranger to the famous Flora-Bama Lounge having performed several beach concerts at the honky-tonk landmark.

Green also made headlines last year when he changed the lyrics “Bud Light” to “Coor’s Light” of his song “I Wish Grandpa’s Never Died,” following the Dylan Mulvaney controversy.

Other hits by Green include “Worst Way,” “Different Round Here,” and a new patriotic country ballad titled “Way Out Here,” which was released this year.

“We've got a fighting side a mile wide but we pray for peace,
'Cause it's mostly us that end up serving overseas.
Hell, if it was up to me I'd love to see this country run,
Like it used to be, like it ought to be and just like it's done.
Out here, way out here.”

Duckman Jam is for ages 18 and older and will be on the beach behind Flora-Bama.

Flora-Bama suggests carpooling or using a ride-share service because parking will be limited. Also important to note, Flora-Bama will be cash only on Friday and Saturday. There are ATM’s available.

Tickets are sold online at

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