The Trussville Police Department (TPD) is investigating a shooting on Interstate 59 South Wednesday, potentially resulting from a fit of road rage. However, many questions remain.

According to the TPD Chief Eric Rush, the female victim, who was in the car with a male driver and a 6-year-old child, was struck twice, once in the leg and once in the buttocks. Eight bullets struck her car in total. The woman was the only one hit.

Rush said officers initially reported the incident as road rage, but he has his suspicions. He said the victims followed the suspect’s car to the exit at Roebuck Parkway, where he was last seen.

“Seems like too much to me," said Rush. "But that’s what we’re being told.”

Rush said the suspect is an older black male with face tattoos. He was driving a Ford Focus or Fusion with a green paper tag.

Police are investigating the incident further and are pulling videos from several businesses in the city. 

“There’s a lot of questions in this case,” Rush said.

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