Last week, a federal court jury awarded former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore $8.2 million in damages after determining a super PAC defamed him in a television ad during his unsuccessful 2017 U.S. Senate bid.

The jury in federal court in Anniston found Senate Majority PAC made "false and defamatory statements" against Moore in an ad.

During an appearance on FM Talk 106.5's "The Jeff Poor Show," Moore offered his thoughts on the verdict but said the system was still "corrupt."

"The way that they put the ad together allowed us to go to the jury and show it was defamatory and intentionally so, in my opinion," Moore said. "I think the jury found that, too. They basically do these things to win elections. This is the Washington establishment interfering with the people of Alabama, who have every right to elect who they want as Senator for the state."

"But what they do, Jeff, is they build a puppet in Alabama to make an appearance. An Alabama organization is doing this," Moore continued. "It's not. In this case, it was Highway 31 [PAC], which consisted of two individuals. And basically, this is how corrupt politics has become. You know, I've been in politics for quite some time. And I guess some people, like the defense attorney, argued that since I've been in politics for so long, I should expect this sort of business. But I don't expect it. I don't think that anybody should expect it. Lies are lies, whether you tell them inside of politics or outside of politics. We shouldn't have the corrupt political system that we've got. But unfortunately, we do."

Since the December 2017 loss, Moore remarked on how little the public has heard about the allegations that derailed his 2017 U.S. Senate bid and the media's sudden loss of interest.

"They vanish, and you don't see them," Moore explained. "We sued in court over it for years, and I put four years in court defending [myself] against defamatory allegations saying I was the one defaming her for denying her allegations. We won that. The jury found I didn't defame her for saying she was false, malicious and untruthful.

"The press doesn't seem to get the truth out. I took polygraphs. I did everything that I could do possibly to show I was telling the truth. Finally, it took this final case here to get a jury verdict. We're very happy about the verdict. It helped preserve some of the reputation that they tried to destroy that I had. We're very pleased and thankful to God for the opportunity to do this."

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