Alabama's double-digit loss to Texas last Saturday has sparked the talk of Alabama's dynasty being over. During his weekly SEC teleconference on Wednesday, Saban was asked about the emotional challenges he faces when people say the dynasty is coming to an end.

"My approach is, try to play to a standard, try to get our players to play to a standard," Saban said. "When we don't play to a standard, try to get our players to play to a standard, and when we don't play to a standard, I don't need anybody else to criticize. I've got pride in performance, just like everybody else in this organization."

He added, "We want to try to get it right. We want to do everything we can to get people to play to a standard. That's what we're focused on. My standard comes from within me, not from some external motivation that comes from someplace else."

The legendary coach said he hadn't been paying attention to the outside noise.

"I haven't even heard or read any of those things because I don't really pay attention to any of it," Saban explained. "I do pay a lot of attention to what we're doing here internally and how we can get it fixed, so our players have a better chance to be successful."

Alabama experienced its earliest loss since 2003 by the largest deficit since 2004 on Saturday against Texas. Over their past 19 games against Power 5 opponents, Alabama has lost five games. In the 50 games prior to this rough stretch, Alabama had only lost five games. In games against AP top 25 opponents, the Crimson Tide have lost three of its past six games.

The recent struggles have many, suggesting Alabama's dominance is starting to fade.

ESPN commentator and former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy said he thinks the Alabama dynasty is over. McElroy, who helped start the Nick Saban dynasty, is now ready to put an end to it.

"I always define a dynasty with complete dominance over the competition almost always, and I think that those days have definitely gone by the wayside," McElroy said on his "Always College Football" podcast this week. "To say that the dynasty is over - yeah, I think the run of dominance in which they destroy every opponent is done. But it doesn't mean that I don't think they can't win a championship. I still think they can."

Everyone's definition of a dynasty and when it is over is slightly different, but the level of dominance from the Alabama program has slipped noticeably over the past few seasons. With the introduction of NIL and the new transfer rules, the depth of recent Alabama teams has suffered, causing a decline in performance.

These new rules have also created parity in college football, which is great for college football fans but not something Alabama football fans want to see.

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