Alabama football coach Nick Saban uses a variety of ways to keep his players focused and motivated. Last week, leading up to the Kentucky game, Saban placed rat traps around the facility to send a message to his players not to fall into the trap. 

One of the best motivators for the Crimson Tide is Nick Saban’s wife, Miss Terry. While Saban is more stern, Miss Terry uses a more motherly approach. After the Kentucky win, cornerback Terrion Arnold spoke about her approach.

“[Miss Terry] always sends me texts on Sundays just about motivating the guys and staying focused,” said Arnold after the win over Kentucky. “To share a secret with y’all, she’s that little secret that we got. Everybody needs a Miss Terry man.”

After every game, Miss Terry can be seen on the sidelines celebrating and embracing the team, but she has developed a special bond with Terrion Arnold this season.

“I would say she’s almost like a second mom,” Arnold said on Saturday. “When I came here, it wasn’t fake, and it hasn’t been fake since I’ve been here. She really cares about all of us, and she does a really, really good job of displaying it. Honestly, Coach Saban and her, they’re the type of people that would give you the shirt off their backs.”

During his Monday press conference, Saban talked about how his wife helps motivate the players.

“Her and Terrion are really kind of buddies,” Saban said on Monday. “I know she sort of texts with him and all that, and I kind of get on him. So it’s just like kind of raising your children. I’m the guy that’s always trying to get him to do right, and she’s the momma who’s always trying to make him happy. That’s the way it’s been for a long time.”

Arnold is third on the team with 49 tackles this season. He leads the team with three interceptions as well as pass breakups with nine.

It seems that Miss Terry’s style of motivation has been working for Arnold this season. 

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