Alabama’s big 26-20 win over Texas A&M has put them in the driver’s seat in the SEC West. Jalen Milroe and Jermaine Burton had career games, and things are starting to trend up for The Crimson Tide, which has moved to the No. 11 spot in the Associated Press poll. However, with an early 11 a.m. kickoff for their homecoming game against a struggling Arkansas, this team risks losing focus.

That’s why head coach Nick Saban is making sure his players don’t get complacent. On Wednesday, Saban was on a mission to deliver this message to his players through the media.

“OK, y’all ready for a lecture? Let’s talk about the importance of nothing. You get up every day, you’re entitled to … nothing. Nobody owes you … nothing. You could have talent, but if you don’t have discipline, if you don’t execute, you don’t focus, you get … nothing. If you’re complacent and not paying attention to detail, what does that get you? Nothing.”

Saturday’s homecoming game will be against an Arkansas team that, on paper, is outmatched by the Crimson Tide, but anything can happen. The Razorbacks have a play-maker at the running back position in Rocket Sanders and an experienced dual-threat quarterback in KJ Jefferson. A win for the Crimson Tide on Saturday would give them a 4-0 record in the SEC and an overall record of 6-1.

Saban finished his “lecture” with what he expects from his players this week and the rest of the season.

“Nothing is acceptable but your best,” he said. “We need to be — everything is determined by what you do and you trying to be your best so that you can build on positive performance. That’s the only thing. There should be nothing else but that, for everybody. That’s what we have to stay focused on. It’s what we need to do. We got rained out today, so we had to go inside. We need to not accept anything but our best in terms of what we’re doing for preparation.”

Kickoff for Alabama’s homecoming matchup against Arkansas will be at 11 a.m. at Bryant-Denny Stadium, airing on ESPN.

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