Dr. Allen Long, candidate for Alabama School Board of Education (SBOE): District 7, announced that his campaign had released a TV ad and had a substantial fundraising month for this down-ballot race on Wednesday.

“I’m very encouraged that our January fundraising report showed $46,103 of contributions,” said Long. “Coming on the heels of our 6-figure fundraising month in December, this puts us in a good position to be able to get our message out to the voters of the 7th district. The response from community members, friends, and parents and grandparents of children in Alabama schools for financial support for my campaign has been quite humbling.”

The campaign also announced a $175,000 TV ad buy that began airing on February 5. The commercial, titled “Keeping Woke out of Alabama Classrooms,” features a real Alabama parent incognito to recite the story of her fourth grader being assigned a Black Lives Matter book as required reading at school, an issue that has persisted statewide recently. Long promises in the commercial that he would keep boys out of the girls’ bathrooms and off the girls’ sports teams.

In a statement discussing the ad, Long said, “I’m tired of watching a woke, leftist agenda be pushed on our children in school. We need to get back to teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, and leave politics out of the classroom."

He added, “It’s really sad what’s been happening in our schools. When I was in school, we didn’t hear stories of revisionist history, transgenderism, and woke-ism being taught. Our educational system is being hijacked by a woke agenda, and as your next State School Board member for Northwest Alabama, I’ll fight to protect your children from woke policies.”

State School Board District 7 is open after incumbent Belinda McRae decided not to seek re-election last fall. Allen Long is a practicing ear, nose and throat (ENT) physician in Sheffield. His father was a Republican statewide elected Appeals Court judge in the 1990s.

The Republican election will be held on March 5.

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