The 2024 winner of "The Voice" is Selma's Asher HaVon. The 31-year-old soul singer was named the winner Tuesday during the final episode of season 25.

HaVon is the first Alabama contestant ever to win "The Voice "during its 13 seasons.

In a promotional video for his competition on "The Voice," HaVon gave credit to his Alabama upbringing in historic Selma:

“I would not be here without Selma. Selma has given me a foundation that I don’t believe I would have gotten anywhere else. The people that are in Selma understand what it means to come from small beginnings and face the world. She’s a beautiful example on how to handle adversity gracefully and rise above it, and still stand. And as an artist, every time I stand on stage, I just feel like the strength that Selma has taught me always shows up and (will) catapult me forward.”

HaVon's official bio with "The Voice":

“Growing up in Selma, Alabama, Asher was surrounded by gospel singers. President Obama went to Selma in 2015 for a speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery in honor of African American civil rights. Asher auditioned for a spot in the choir that was set to perform John Legend’s song ‘Glory.’ The choir director was so blown away by Asher that Asher led the choir that day, performing in front of 200,000 people. This was also a turning point for his relationship with his father, whom he’s always had a complicated relationship with. A couple of years ago, his father survived a car accident and their relationship grew even stronger. They now talk regularly and he greatly supports Asher’s music. It was Asher’s mom who really pushed him to sing when he was young. He likes to call her his singing sergeant and is excited to make her proud on ‘The Voice.’”

Each contestant is coached by a celebrity performer. HaVon's coach was Reba McEntire.

Plans for a homecoming and celebration in Selma are expected to be announced later this week.

Viewer votes determined the winner of "The Voice."

HaVon had been seen as the frontrunner with performances such as Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain," Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You," and Dolly Parton's "I will always Love You."

2024 has been a stellar year for upcoming Alabama performers and contestants. On May 20, Opelika's Bryson McGlynn, age 11, won the MasterChef Junior title, the first time for an Alabama contestant.

For the past month, McIntosh's Triston Harper, age 15, had a winning streak into the Top 5 of "American Idol."

On May 23, the Mobile country rock group "Red Clay Strays" perform on the NBC 'Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon.

Sweet Song, Alabama.

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