State Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Josephine) was dog-tired Thursday after a long day at the State House. He was there for contract review and to discuss other business. However, Elliott wasn’t alone.

While loading his truck Thursday morning and preparing to take his daughter to school, Elliott said he accidentally left his back door open.

It didn’t take long for his black Labrador retriever, Evelyn, to notice she had a way in, so she jumped on board. Without knowing, Elliott drove off, dog in tow.

“When I was dropping my daughter off, I realized my dog was in the back of the truck,” Elliott told 1819 News.

Evelyn stayed by Elliott’s side throughout the day, sniffing out important issues, including a special treat.

“She ate my bagel!” he said.

While he wasn’t sure what the reaction would be from fellow lawmakers, Elliott said having a K9 at work ended very well.

“She was in the State House all day, and I thought that was going to be a problem, but it turned into making everybody’s day,” Elliott said. “It was like having a therapy dog in a hospital.”

Evelyn did not speak, but sources say her top concerns are stiffening punishment for animal abuse and neglect crimes.

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