The Alabama State Senate passed legislation on Tuesday that would require that any state agency that purchases an American flag, only be allowed to purchase flags that were made in the United States of America.

Senate Bill 77 is sponsored by State Sen. Sam Givhan (R-Huntsville).

Givhan said that the bill is “Not mandating that they be made in Alabama, they can be made in any state.”

Senate Minority Leader Bobby Singleton (D-Greensboro) asked, “Why does it matter? We get 99.9% of our stuff from China anyway.”

Givhan said that there have been situations where Alabama companies have tried to bid on these contracts and had it given to a company that sells Chinese-made flags.

“LSA pulled it from another state,” Givhan said of the legislation. “I don’t think it is a hard ask to ask that those be made in the United States.”

“We have relied on stuff made from other countries,” Singleton said. “China basically owns us.”

Givhan said that there is a truck shortage; “But there is no shortage of trucks, there is a shortage of chips. A chip manufacturer is coming to Ohio. We lost out on one in Madison County a little while ago.

“It is a simple request that we make these kinds of things in America."

“What about the best price point for the state of Alabama?” Singleton said. “I am talking about saving money.”

Sen. Jim McClendon (R-Springville) asked, “Do we have a fiscal note on this bill?”

Givhan replied, “No.”

“It seems like to me that the legislature should have an idea if it is going to cost the state money or not,” McClendon said, “You didn’t request a fiscal note. That is why we don’t have one.”

Sen. Garlan Gudger (R-Cullman) asked Givhan what does the bill do?

Givhan said, “The bill says that the ones that we buy be made in the United States.”

“Our colleagues are telling us that they would rather buy the product overseas because it saves a little money,” Gudger said. “I like your bill and I came up here to make sure that I understand what is being said.”

SB77 passed the Senate 28 to two.

The bill now goes to the Alabama House of Representatives for their consideration.

Wednesday will be day five of the 2022 Alabama Regular Legislative Session. Both Houses of the Legislature will meet this afternoon for late afternoon sessions following a day of work in committees.

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