The Autauga Prattville Public Library has removed a sexually explicit book from its shelves after a child became "severely disturbed" when he encountered the book on a field trip.

The embattled Autauga Prattville Public Library (APPL) publically addressed the incident Tuesday.

"During a regularly scheduled field trip to the library, a student from a school in Autauga County found a book with sexually explicit images," APPL said in a statement. "The child was severely disturbed so he informed his parents who then informed library staff."

"APPL staff was able to confirm the incident with the school and using video footage from the library's security cameras. The book in question is 'My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness,' a graphic novel that illustrates a sexual encounter between an escort and client in a short-stay hotel."

1819 News obtained excerpts from the book.

Warning: The following images are explicit

My Lesbian Experience 3 Alabama News
My Lesbian Experience 2 Alabama News
My Lesbian Experience 1 Alabama News

"APPL swiftly removed the book from the shelves, as it violates the library's policies," the APPL statement continued. After further investigation, it was determined that this book was received as a donation and added to the collection in January by staff personnel who are no longer employed by APPL."

APPL did not identify the school in its release, citing privacy concerns.

"APPL staff is working tirelessly to ensure an incident like this does not happen again," the statement continued. "It is APPL's policy that such obscene material has no place in a public space where children frequent every day. APPL takes the vital role it plays in the community very seriously and seeks to provide a safe and family-friendly library experience. The Autauga Prattville Public Library respects the privacy of this family and wishes for anyone with a concern about inappropriate material in the library to feel safe reporting it to library personnel."

"In order to protect the privacy of the child and family impacted by this incident and to avoid discouraging concerned parents from bringing similar reports of inappropriate material in the future, the names of the child, parents and school involved will not be disclosed."

The APPL was in national headlines last month after the library board voted to terminate then-library director Andrew Foster for "revealing confidential information in violation of criminal law."

SEE: Terminated Prattville Library director sues board for alleged Open Meetings Act violations, demands reinstatement.

Prattville is ground zero for the statewide debate over sexually explicit children's books.

For nearly a year, residents have attended the Autauga County Commission and Prattville City Council, often reading excerpts from the children's books with sexually explicit content.

In April 2023, 1819 News reported on several mothers expressing concern with sexually explicit and LGBTQ-promoting children's books in the library, available for any child to read at will.

The result was the formation of two groups opposed to the books, Clean Up Prattville and Clean Up Alabama. The former focuses on the Prattville library, while the latter addresses statewide library issues.

The group Read Freely Alabama was also formed to combat the Clean Up groups.

The library board does not include a single original member since Read Freely began petitioning the city council and county commission, who appoint board members. According to Read Freely, "the Autauga-Prattville Public Library board was successfully stacked with Clean Up Alabama sympathizers."

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