Lee Greenwood, a Grammy Award-winning singer, announced on Monday his endorsement of Dick Brewbaker in the U.S. House district two Republican run-off election.

A statement from the Brewbaker campaign said Greenwood, most famous for his iconic patriotic anthem "God Bless the USA," expressed his support for Brewbaker, highlighting his commitment to conservative values, dedication to securing America’s borders and proven track record of principled leadership.

Brewbaker said, “I’m proud to have the endorsement from one of our most patriotic entertainers, Lee Greenwood,” adding. “I’m proud to be an American, and I am going to win this race for all the people who love and believe in our country.”

Brewbaker has also received endorsements from The Eagle Forum, Veterans for Trump, the National Right to Life Committee and The National Automobile Dealers Association.

The Republican run-off between Dick Brewbaker and Caroleene Dobson is next Tuesday, April 16.

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