The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident Tuesday morning at Smiths Station High School.

A female student was taken to the school nurse after being found disoriented in the restroom. The sheriff’s office said the student used a vape given to her by another student and became disoriented.

Staff alerted a Lee County School Resource Officer (SRO) deputy and administration, who then contacted the student’s parents, but the incident became more intense as the investigation unfolded.

“Another student was identified as the source of the vape used by the female student,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. “When approached, the student attempted to hide some materials, among which was another vape.”

The SRO questioned the student and became disoriented during the interaction. The deputy “self-applied” NARCAN nasal spray, an opioid-reversal drug, and was transported to the hospital.

While the sheriff’s office said they believe this was an isolated incident, access to the school has been limited. Parents reported seeing first responders with HAZMAT suits at the school.

The student who was found disoriented is now in stable condition.

Investigators are working to confirm what substance was in the vape. Medical attention is required anytime a person is given NARCAN.

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