The Spot of Tea restaurant in Mobile has been closed down by the Mobile County Health Department three times in a week, according to a Facebook post on the restaurant’s own page.

A post by someone claiming to be the owner of the flagship restaurant admitted the service at the business has declined but said there is more behind the closure than food safety violations.

“I want to start by saying I appreciate all the comments, even the bad ones, because most of them are true,” the post stated. “Our service has suffered, we have taken several steps backwards, that's my fault, I own it, and I'm sorry. Now to the shutdowns, I'm accusing the Board of Health of extortion, blackmail, selective enforcement, desperate treatment, and discrimination, I can’t do that without receipts, so buckle up.”

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In the comment section, the poster listed multiple citations given by the health department on December 29 and said all of those things were addressed by January 5.

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The owner then posted a letter to the health department saying there would be an exposé published in the local news.

“I’m letting this town know you run a corrupt operation, whether y’all let me stay open or not,” the letter stated. “This isn’t a threat hoping you’ll let me open, it’s a promise of what I’m going to do whether you let me stay open or not. I’m going scorched earth on you, after I’m through I’ll let my attorneys & the Lagniappe have the leftovers.”

“I’m not insinuating you extorted & blackmailed me, I’m stating it as fact, I’m not insinuating you deceived the public, I’m stating it as fact, I’m not insinuating you’re corrupt, I’m stating it as fact,” the letter continued. “You depend on your reputations to make a living, so why don’t you sue me, because I’m telling the truth & have the receipts.”

The letter ended with concerns about planned events that now have to be canceled.

"If you don’t email me that I’m open by 8:20am Wednesday (7 hours from now), I must cancel every party, refund their money, & help them find another venue," it stated. "I’ve already sent advance notice to Ruby Slipper, they’ll do a great job. Below are just some of the facts that will get you all suspended, investigated, fired, then prosecuted."

Attempts by 1819 News to reach the owner of Spot of Tea were unsuccessful.

The Mobile County Health Department has not responded to a media inquiry.

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