The Spot of Tea restaurant in Mobile will reopen Friday after previously announcing it was permanently closed.

According to a Facebook post, the restaurant will be open from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. for Mardi Gras.

The Mobile County Health Department closed the restaurant down multiple times, and owner Anthony Moore publicly blasted the health department, claiming extortion, blackmail, selective enforcement, disparate treatment, harassment and discrimination.

After announcing a permanent closure, Moore said ownership would transfer, but the latest announcement confirmed he would continue operating the venue.

"Tony Moore ~ Proud Owner Since 1994," the post stated.

Previous Facebook posts accusing the health department of wrongdoing have been deleted.

Following the accusations, the Mobile County Health Department responded by telling 1819 News they do not report on active investigations or inspections.

"The Health Department is responsible to review and issue health permits to business in any municipality or city located or operating in Mobile County that require a health permit based on state/county laws," public information officer J. Mark Bryant said in an official statement. "MCHD will inspect health permitted businesses to ensure that the businesses are meeting sanitary conditions to prevent the spread of any bacterial or viral diseases. Our inspectors use this opportunity to educate and document that owners and operators are meeting sanitary practices."

"In many cases, immediate corrections are possible by owners and operators," Bryant continued. "If corrections are not possible in the short term, a business may elect to close to fix the findings or be closed by Dr. Kevin Philip Michaels, Mobile County Health Officer, based on the nature of the deficiency and previous inspection results."

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