So far, three people have thrown their hat in the political ring to run for House District 27, formerly held by State Senator-elect Wes Kitchens (R-Arab).

Less than two days after being defeated by Kitchens in last Tuesday's Republican primary special election for Senate District 9, former Morgan County Commissioner Stacy George told 1819 News he's ready to get back on the campaign trail for House District 27.

George said several people had told him he would be "crazy not to run" for the seat. He said he began receiving phone calls on Tuesday's election night after the results were in from people asking if he intended to run for Kitchens' soon-to-be vacant House seat.

Kitchens represented House District 27 since 2018 but will soon be sworn in to fill the Senate seat previously held by former Senate Majority Leader Clay Scofield (R-Guntersville). George said he decided to run for the House after much prayer and careful consideration, but the idea had been in the back of his mind as a contingency plan from the start of his Senate campaign.

"This was part of our plan as far as long-term, running against two sitting House members who had a ton of money," George told 1819 News. "Our name ID is probably 90 to 100% now in the district. All I got to do is go door to door."

After receiving just over 9% of the vote in the special election, George said his campaign for the House would be different than for the Senate. However, he does plan to keep using many of his current campaign signs and billboards still up in the county.

"At this point, we got four billboards, so we'll just leave them alone. We already spent the money on that," he said.

Former Secretary of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education Jeana Ross announced her candidacy for HD27 on Monday.

"As a career educator, continuing Alabama's improvements in our public schools is a passion of mine, but I will also focus on other important issues like combatting illegal immigration, creating jobs, and protecting our traditional morals and conservative values," Ross said in a press release. "I believe strongly that if we begin teaching our children essential life skills at an early age, they will be prepared to fill long-lasting, well-paying, 21st Century jobs as adults, which keeps Alabama's economy growing well into the future ."

Ross has worked in public education for 26 years, starting as an elementary teacher in Jackson County in 1975. She later moved into administrative positions in the Marshall County, Boaz City, and Madison County school systems.

A self-proclaimed "Christian conservative," Ross served as the chair of the Marshall County Republican Party, as a member of the Alabama Republican Party executive committee, and has helped elect dozens of Republican candidates to state and local offices.

Though he is waiting to make an official announcement, Arab City councilman Alan Miller told 1819 News he also plans to run.

"As you know, qualifying has still not yet begun. So, nothing will be official until then, of course. But yes, my intentions right now are to enter the race," he said.

A special election has yet to be set for House District 27.

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