Members of the Alabama Public Charter School Commission revoked the charter of the Barnabas School for Leadership in Dothan on Monday.

School officials previously said the school would open in August 2023 and serve 350 students. However, the school never opened months later due to financial and staffing problems.

The school could still eventually open in the area but would have to do so after re-applying for a new charter contract with the commission.

"Last time we had this issue with the revocation it consisted of an email to students who had enrolled so that they know that the school will not in fact open in August of this year and that they need to find other options," Lane Knight, attorney for the Alabama Public Charter School Commission, said at a Monday meeting. "Other than that, the school has been revoked and will not be opening in August of 2024."

"Barnabas is free to submit another application in the future and that will be considered by the commission but as far as the approval of the original charter application, that has been revoked and the school will not be opening," Knight concluded.

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