Alabama Republican Party chairman and Alabama Public Library Service board member John Wahl recently praised Gov. Kay Ivey for her attentiveness and recommendations for the state library board to address sexually explicit library books.

The Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) board recently voted to advance a series of suggested administrative policies addressing sexually explicit books.

A previous executive memo from APLS director Nancy Pack said that APLS would remove its membership with the American Library Association, but that vote was delayed until early next year at the same meeting.

Ivey got involved after residents across the state began expressing concern over sexually explicit and LGBTQ+-promoting books in public libraries made freely available to children. Shortly after, lawmakers and state residents began attending APLS Board meetings, asking for solutions from the state agency.

In September, Ivey sent a letter to Pack demanding answers in the growing controversy surrounding Alabama libraries and sexually explicit books and APLS’s connection with the ALA.

Pack later responded to Ivey’s letter, attempting to give answers to the questions, along with a self-authored defense of the ALA.

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Ivey later responded by offering a series of policy recommendations. Pack later sent a series of policy recommendations to the board of directors and trustees, in which she said that APLS would remove its membership from ALA.

The APLS board approved Ivey’s policy suggestions last week, which will receive a final vote after a public comment period.

Wahl, who has been at the forefront of seeking reform over the books and the ALA, praised Ivey for her recommendations and attentiveness to the issue.

“I am thankful for Kay Ivey’s work to address the location of sexually explicit books in our libraries, as well as her recommendations to the APLS board,” Wahl said. “Governor Ivey has been a strong advocate for protecting Alabama families and finding common sense solutions that respect Alabama taxpayers. Her recommended changes to the APLS code are a great step in addressing the issues we are facing in the youth sections of Alabama libraries while also helping to make sure parents are in control of what their children are exposed to. 

He continued, “Taxpayer money should never be used to push a Marxist agenda from the American Library Association, and Alabama families should never have to worry about their children accidentally stumbling across sexually explicit books in the youth section. I hope we can all agree that libraries should be a safe place for our kids. I look forward to working with the Governor to make sure parents can trust their local libraries in every area and as soon as possible. It is time to be responsible with taxpayer money and protect our children from inappropriate content.”

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