During this week's broadcast of Alabama Public Television's "Capitol Journal," House Education Policy Committee chairwoman State Rep. Terri Collins (R-Decatur) explained why she thought it was necessary for a shift in so-called cut scores to gauge reading proficiency in Alabama.

Collins chalked the score readjustment up to changes in the test itself.

"The reason that a different cut score was made a year ago was that the test changed in '23 that they would be given. And it included an extra element into that testing, which made it a harder test. And so I was assured by several people I trust that while it looked like a lower cut score, that it was kind of a parallel when you adjusted in the additional rigor because of the extra measure being able to see in that testing. And so when the state board was working on what that cut score would be, we knew we had to set something. And so I remember talking with state board members, talking with the superintendent, talking with different people, and I appreciate being included in that conversation."

"But I finally decided, while maybe I had preferences, that they were responsible for making that final decision of a cut score and I would support their decision," Collins continued. "What I was told is when they picked two standards of deviation to make sure that everyone included truly could not read on grade level, that I was told that then the next year, we would move to one standard measure of deviation and that we would continue to lift. And if we will continue to lift, we have to start somewhere and we did And I think it's a good place. I am pleased with what we've done. But I would hope that every year we lift it."

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