It is no secret that many in Democratic and media circles have admitted that President Biden’s debate performance was an epic disaster. They know President Biden looked old, weak and diminished, which has been evident to most of us for months. Truthfully, the Democratic elites and their media allies have known all along that President Biden was in a state of decline but have been actively attempting to deceive the American people. But this time, no amount of spin can cover up what happened on that debate stage.

In her response to the State of the Union, Senator Katie Britt characterized President Biden as “a dithering and diminished leader.” However, the same Democratic leaders and media personalities now looking to throw Biden overboard lambasted Alabama’s Senator for succinctly stating the obvious. The supposed leader of the free world lacks the mental and physical capacity to do his job. Senator Britt was right that the American people deserve better than an emperor without his clothes.

She also directly addressed the kitchen table issues that are the focus of most Americans headed into this upcoming election, but the Democrats and the media criticized her for giving a firsthand voice to that widely shared perspective. Well, months later, Biden specifically mentioned “kitchen table” issues twice in his first answer of the debate in a desperate attempt to reframe the reality American families face daily. Inflation, crime, and illegal immigration are turning the American Dream into a nightmare, as Senator Britt said, and that’s ultimately the truth that Democrats are most scared of heading into November.

While some Democrats have tried to frame Biden’s debate performance as “just one night,” we all know that it confirms what we’ve seen in front of our own eyes for years. President Biden cannot lead our nation, and Americans are not only concerned but frustrated. They know that in these uncertain times, one thing is certain: the President is asleep at the wheel, and our adversaries and other bad actors are taking advantage of him.

A national survey conducted by CBS/YouGov in the days following the debate found that 72% of voters and nearly half of his own party do not believe Biden has the mental or cognitive health to serve as president.

Senator Britt gave a voice to American’s frustration months ago, and the Democratic machine dishonestly demonized her for speaking the truth. She was right, and now that is painfully obvious to even the most willfully ignorant Biden supporters. The only answer for our nation moving forward is to retire Joe Biden and send him back to Delaware.

President Trump has proven to be an effective leader with the strength to govern the nation. His first term was successful, and Americans were better off under his leadership. The fact is that President Biden’s job performance does not justify another four years even if you do not consider his diminished mental and physical capacity. Sadly, Joe Biden shouldn’t serve another four months, much less another four-year term.

Since March, Democrats and their media allies ignored or criticized Senator Britt’s message in her SOTU response, but now they should be forced to acknowledge that she was right the whole time.

Representative Hulsey is a State Representative, mother, wife and small business owner. She has served as a Republican member of the Alabama House of Representatives since November 8, 2022. She represents Alabama’s 15th House district.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of 1819 News.

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