In a recent opinion piece, State Rep. Mary Moore (D-Birmingham) blasted the opinion of Alabama Media Group's Kyle Whitmire, in which he claimed, "In Alabama, queer is the new Black."

Whitmire's column lambasted a series of Alabama lawmakers' attempts to legislate issues surrounding LGBTQ+ advocacy. In the piece, Whitmire juxtaposed the state's history of anti-black discrimination with the current criticisms of LGBTQ+ advocacy.

"It's only a matter of time before the bullies return to their old, favorite target, race, but for the moment, they've found a new, smaller, more vulnerable someone to abuse," Whitmire wrote.

In an opinion piece featured in the Alabama Political Reporter, Moore vehemently opposed Whitmire's comparison, saying it "disrespects, diminishes, and trivializes" the history of black people in America.

"Perhaps, the point that Whitmire attempted to make is that conservative lawmakers have recently chosen to target the LGBTQ+ community with heavy-handed and oppressive legislation that endangers their civil rights," Moore wrote. "However, without diminishing the cruelty and discrimination faced by the LGBTQ+ community, any effort to equate their fight with the 400-year-plus struggle of Black Americans completely misses the point. It is disingenuous and offensive."

She continued, "Generalizing oppression or making broad comparisons about one marginalized group of people over another unfairly dilutes their history and diminishes their legitimate struggle for justice and equality."

Moore concluded by claiming Whitmire's piece was an attempt to use the plight of black Americans to create "catchy headlines" that do not recognize the unique history of black Americans.

"Let's not diminish our stories by trying to make them into catchy headlines or bumper stickers," Moore continued. "Diversity is about acknowledging and respecting our differences, because we are not all the same, even when we play on the same team."

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