State Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Josephine) delayed a new $140,000 public relations contract with the Alabama Secretary of State's Office from going into effect on Thursday.

According to the contract, Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen would pay True Targeted Digital Solutions $140,000 in state funds in a two-year contract for social media, digital media, press releases and media advisories.

Members of True Targeted Digital Solutions include Angella Horn, Brandon Farmer, GMC Consulting Group, Michael Echols, and Joshua Taylor, according to the contract.

Horn also does communications work for STACKPAC, the political action committee of Alabama House Majority Leader Scott Stadthagen (R-Hartselle) and the campaigns of a variety of state lawmakers. 

The contract came before members of the Contract Review committee on Thursday and was placed on a 45-day hold at the request of Elliott.

Elliott said in an interview that he and other legislators have questions about the contract.

"I did that on my behalf and theirs as well," Elliott said. "I just wanted to talk some more about it with the Secretary of State's Office and see what it was that they were trying to accomplish there. Get a little bit more detail."

Clay Helms, chief of staff for the Alabama Secretary of State, said at the meeting the proposal was sent to 46 potential vendors, and their office received one response.

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