MONTGOMERY — State Senate Pro-Tem Greg Reed (R-Jasper) said more time was needed to "digest exactly what's happened" before the Senate appoints its three members to the conference committee to negotiate with the House on gambling legislation.

The House non-concurred on the Senate's gambling package Thursday, saying they preferred the version passed by the House earlier in the session.

Reed told reporters on Tuesday, “Our members, they were very focused for weeks and weeks on issues associated with the gaming legislation. I think the Senate did an extraordinary job in putting forward our legislation.” 

He continued, “The House made a decision to go to conference, and so it comes back to us. My members need a little bit of time to just kind of digest exactly what’s happened and what their thoughts are going to be next kind of moving forward since it’s come back to our chamber. I think there will be a conference committee, and I think things will move forward in being able to do an assessment."

There are 10 legislative days left in the 2024 session.

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