The Alabama Supreme Court ruled against the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) last Friday, upholding a lower court's decision to award Gulf Shores resident Shirley Ellenburg roughly $3.6 million as compensation for property being used in the construction of a new bridge over the Intercoastal Waterway.

ALDOT claimed eminent domain to secure the Ellenburgs' 21.6-acre plot of land for the bridge project, NBC 15 News reported. Though ALDOT offered $1.1 million, the family sued, saying the money didn't cover the cost of upgrades made to the property.

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The Ellenburgs took their case in front of a Baldwin County jury and were awarded $2.9 million on top of the original $1.1 million, plus $756,744.61in interest, according to WPMI.

ALDOT appealed the ruling to the State Supreme Court, which proved unsuccessful.

ALDOT is currently battling another lawsuit against the bridge project brought by Baldwin County Bridge Company which claims the new bridge will put its nearby toll bridge, Foley Beach Express, out of business.

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